The Truth About You

We are looking for leaders willing to SHATTER their glittering image. This might not be you. We are raising up 100X Leaders… 100% healthy, or in pursuit of that goal and those who desire to multiply themselves. Are you willing to do the work?

E4 Leadership & Business Coaching equips business owners, executives and their teams with the tools to fight for the highest possible good of those they lead.

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We are change agents. We drive culture shifts by implementing a language of leadership that bridges the gap between “carpet people,” that’s probably you, and where the rubber meets the road. Client interface, personal development and team health all suffer when there’s a leadership disconnect.

Our technology is based neurolinguistic science, we use pictures and videos, digital platforms and visual metrics to bring quantitative results to qualitative goals. If as a leader you have ever wondered, “why won’t they just do their job?” or “I can’t get too close or they’ll slack off” then you need us.

Jerry Howard

USMC Veteran
Leadership & Business Coach
Author | Speaker

My path has certainly been the opposite of straight. But the call to train, mentor, and transform others remained consistent… despite my growing Failure Resume!

Whether as a Training Officer in the Marine Corps nearly 20 years ago, to a Sales Director and Recruiter, or later as an Executive Business Manager, it has become my belief that the defining characteristic of any leader should be to fight for the highest possible good of others.

After carrying me through some of the darkest valleys, my poor decision making notwithstanding, God has blessed me with multiple thriving businesses and a unique approach to pursue the call of helping others. I invite you to shatter the glittering image and experience freedom with your own Failure Resume!

Speaking, writing and coaching on faith, leadership, healthcare and business management are my passion–but what is the truth about you?

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Jerry on the 5 Leadership Voices:

For those seeking...

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Fight for the Highest Possible Good of Others

Sales & Marketing

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Change Management

Your Outcomes will Never Exceed Your Culture

Team Building

Simple Tools to Lead in the Digital Age


Big Failure, Bigger Success
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Growing Revenue and Reputation
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